Cottage Days: Rustic Peach Cobbler

Final Peach Cobbler

We’re mid-way through the week and life at the cottage has been grand! This is definitely my place of peace and relaxation! Check out my Instagram for daily photo updates.

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We’ve been pretty healthy this year especially compared to past years that were full of every kind of junk food imaginable. Thanks to my brother-in-law (who works for a Produce company) we’ve had more than enough fruits and veggies to keep us happy. We did end up with more peaches/nectarines than we could go through however and they were so ripe and delicious I couldn’t stand to see them go bad. What to do?! … PEACH COBBLER – cottage style!  Continue reading


Cottage Days – How to Prepare for a Week Away


This post will be based on my prep for a trip to the cottage but could also apply to vacation abroad (if that’s the case then maybe pack lighter than I am as planes don’t usually allow this much luggage).

My family and I travel North to the cottage just about every year. It’s one of my favourite places to be and I look forward to it with such a passion that when we don’t go I feel off. It’s such a wonderful, peaceful place that’s rich in nature and far from cities so I actually feel like I get to connect back with the earth. I know I don’t always seem like an earthy girl, I’m sure I come across as a city-girl more often than not but there’s a part of me that always feels most at home close to the sea or out hiking in dense forest. I think that’s why time at the cottage is so important to me – it’s my chance to escape, find my centre, and get some new inspiration. Continue reading