Moments: New Year, New Thinking

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate! I got to spend some great time with family and friends while enjoying a few days away from the office. I took this holiday as a time to reflect on all the things I was grateful for, not just during these holidays but also throughout the year. I find that Christmas is always a good time to reflect because my heart is so full of love and cheer!

Now that we’re coming up on New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d share one of my new goals with you – I won’t call it a “New Year’s Resolution” because it’s more of a “New Year’s Change”.

“Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that person yourself.” 

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How To: Clove Oranges

Oranges3It’s been a tradition in my family since I was young to make Clove Orange Pomanders at Christmas time to put on the radiator or heat vent to fill the house with the most delicious seasonal smells. Mixed with the Christmas tree it was the perfect Holiday scent!

Now that we’re just over a week away from Christmas I thought I’d share the idea with you for your own homes or office space. They’re fun and really easy to do so you can get the kids involved if you’d like! Continue reading

December Photo-A-Day Challenge

I have seen so many photo-a-day challenges over the last little while. I know they’re quite popular on Pinterest and various blogs – they all look so exciting and like such an interesting way to capture a month. But I usually lose interest half way through. I came across this December one from A Content Housewife that looks really good though! Lots of variety and all thing that celebrate December! So I’m going to give it a go. You can find my daily photos over on my Instagram and then at the end of the month I’ll post them all here on the blog. Anyway here’s the list if you want to try it yourself – Happy Snapping!

Capturing December – Photo A Day Challenge

Have you ever done a photo challenge? What was it for? Did you enjoy it?

Until next time!