Moments: Big Change & Why It’s Good

Change is scary. The smallest change of plans is sometimes enough to throw me off. Bigger changes get my wheels turning and I feel my stress levels rise. So what happens with life decisions and major change?
I hit panic stations. We’re talking full-body stress and the anxiety levels to match. (The secret’s out, I have anxiety issues .. funny enough, I think my cat does too). 

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3O Before 3O

The first of June. First of a new month and about half way through the year. I’ve been challenged a lot these past few months to think of my desires and dreams of the future. So I challenged my friend over at The Wolf and The Wardrobe to create a 30 Before 30 list. I’ve only just completed mine but wanted to share it with you.


  1. Walk around the CN Tower
  2. Walk the Kerry Way in Ireland
  3. Promote to Arbonne Executive Regional Vice President
  4. Travel British Columbia
  5. Visit a Buddhist Temple
  6. Go skinny dipping in the ocean
  7. Go Sailing
  8. Camp without a tent
  9. Create a cookbook
  10. Drive a motorcycle
  11. Run a 5K
  12. Cross the finish line at Tough Mudder
  13. Attend VanCon
  14. Donate Blood
  15. See Canada’s East Coast
  16. Complete a 365 Project
  17. Learn to drive stick
  18. Make a t-shirt quilt from all of my Fandom tees
  19. Put in an offer on my dream house
  20. Go away on a Yoga retreat
  21. Volunteer in a country in need
  22. Reach my goal physical condition
  23. Dance in New Orleans
  24. See one of the wonders of the world
  25. Have a photo published in a known magazine
  26. Complete a photo essay
  27. Host a class or seminar on mindset and empowerment
  28. Have a photography exhibit
  29. Plant a successful veggie garden
  30. Stand on a movie set

Have you ever done a 30 Before 30 or dream/goal challenge? Did you have any trouble with it?

Until next time!