My 27th Reflection

My 27th Reflection
It’s my birthday weeeeeek! I’m a whopping, ripe old age of twenty-seven. In honour of the beginning of my 27th lap around the sun, I thought I would share with you, 27 random facts about me! And some of my other birthday reflections and rituals.

27 Facts

  1. My name is Natasha – no I’m not Russian
  2. My hair colour changes at least twice a year
  3. My eyes are green but they do occasionally change colour
  4. I’m a Scorpio (in every sense of the term according to my mother)
  5. I have one tattoo, and 5 piercings (including my ears)
  6. I’ve broken two bones: one of which forced me onto a liquid diet for six weeks
  7. I have a pretty huge family whom I love very much
  8. I have 3 siblings, 2 of which aren’t related
  9. Halloween is my favourite holiday! #everydayishalloween
  10. I believe in ghosts and love sharing ghost stories
  11. I’ve had over 10 pets in my life: 6 dogs, 3 cats, 2 frogs, and several fish
  12. My cat Voodoo is my baby and I’m completely okay with that
  13. I’m an introvert
  14. I’m vegan
  15. I adore photography
  16. I paint and have even sold some of my paintings
  17. I read tarot cards – mostly for myself but sometimes for friends
  18. I’m not big on sweets but have a serious weakness for chocolate
  19. And cherry pie
  20. I may or may not be a Selkie
  21. I may or may not be a vampire (there are a lot of rumours/theories about this that I can’t deny)
  22. I love makeup – even at 2 years old I was experimenting with lipstick
  23. I love incense and candles, but I’m rather picky about the scents
  24. I love to dance – I don’t think I’m very good but I do it anyway #sorrynotsorry
  25. I’m a bit of a movie addict, always have been!
  26. I have lived in 5 cities across Canada
  27. This is the first birthday I’ve had ‘alone’ – away from my family.

Every year around my birthday, I like to take some time to reflect on the last year, my life in general, my relationships with those around me, an honest reflection of ‘what I’m doing with my life’ and then plan some lose goals for my next year. Typically this is a New Year’s thing because of resolutions and new beginnings etc. etc. and I definitely do re-evaluate during New Year’s but I like to do it on my birthday because it’s like a personal ‘New Year’!

I won’t bore you with too many of the details but the 5 areas I like to focus on are Health, Relationships, Career, Personal Development, and Hobbies. I will continue to narrow down my goals over the next few weeks but my focus in each area is:

  • Health: Continue to work on my physical fitness
  • Relationships: Develop deeper connections to my loved ones and the people I meet (aka: no more smartphone zombies … or at least less)
  • Career: Research and learn more about the areas of my industry that I enjoy so I can continue to grow and develop
  • Personal Development: Get up earlier, establish routines, meditate more, and make time to read
  • Hobbies: I’d like to complete a photo project – even if it’s just a 30 day project … I’m really bad for starting them and then falling behind and giving up.

What are some birthday rituals that you have or things that you do to celebrate and treat yourself? Do you get excited for your birthday or do you dread it?

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “My 27th Reflection

  1. I have thought of you all week, finally a place to wish you dancing joy, good energy, inspired writing, chocolate, and sweet days doing what you enjoy doing. You are quite amazing, and I am in awe of you. Happy birthday, late and still celebrating with you. love 💝 Cath



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