Be Gentle For We Are Delicate

The world is harsh. We go through rough patches, hard times, and events that are downright terrifying. There are a lot of people in the world who are currently living in fear. (Let me just clarify that I’m not speaking about a specific event; this fear exists day in and day out and for a wide number of reasons.)

It’s easy to give in to the fear, it’s easy to let it control you and dictate your life. And it’s okay if it does – no judgement.

But please don’t let it convince you that there is reason to lose hope. There exists a force of people in the world who are good! And who are actively trying to make a difference.

For the people who are sensitive to the suffering of others, times like this can be incredibly trying. Caring is hard work, especially when media and social media seem to focus only on the negative and the fear. But we can’t hold ourselves responsible for the weight of the world; it will ruin us.

I read a post last week from Michael Kewley that was worded more beautifully than what I can say:

Live with love and be aware. Beings are the way they are and that is their choice, but you are the way you are and that is your choice. Guard your kindness, your integrity and honesty and stay true to your heart…to become like the other does not serve and so we guard our heart.

We work quietly and patiently for kindness, friendship and equality of all beings and in the end love will always win. Love will always win. There is nothing greater than love, and it is only love that will save the world. Be confident, be happy.

I plan to take each day in stride, one day at a time, give only love, help where I can, and try to be a light. I hope that you will too, if you’re able. Be careful, be safe, be kind. Be there for those who need you.

With love,


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