10 ThingsYou May Not Know About Me

As Day 4 of the Feel Good Blogging Challenge I was asked to list 10 Things that most people don’t know about me. Some of these answers may be obvious – others may be a little more surprising. It was surprisingly difficult to come up with 10 things. 10 is not a large number and yet trying to think of 10 things about myself was hard! But then to think of 10 things that people might not know .. WHAT?! I did it though – I recruited the help of some close friends to complete the list but I’ve finally got some juicy Tasha-related details for you. Here they are:

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A Passionate Post: Blog Challenge Day 2

Here I Stand - Websters FallsTalk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t:
A Passionate Post for todays Blogging Challenge.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (and what is reflected by my other blog posts) I have many passions. However I’ve been watching lately as they have all started to feed into each other to create something new! I’ll try to keep this short and sweet without losing any of the details.

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