Kintsugi: The Art of Healing

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. There is no attempt to hide the damage but instead it is highlighted and made beautiful as it makes the object unique.

Kintsugi Pottery

I like to think that my brain and my veins are laced with gold.

Unique and beautiful because of the history, not despite it.

No judgement; just healing.

Kintsugi Woman



Cups of Coffee

I was hesitant to share this. It felt too personal and made me feel exposed. But in light of Bell Let’s Talk Day and the effort to end the stigma around Depression and Mental Illness, I thought I would share it with you. It’s an excerpt from some free-fall writing I did last week.

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I Am Home

Canaan Valley

I wake before the sun; the moon crying for me like a child demanding my attention.
I stir and fight the restlessness but eventually cave and surrender to the calling.
I prepare myself for a chill that I haven’t felt in months; layers to protect me.
I step out, exposed to the elements and breathe deeply. I am home.

I walk silently, my footsteps light against the ground so as to not disturb it.
I revel in the visible fog of my breathe and crisp air against my skin.
I notice the stillness of my surroundings, the world not yet awake.
I bask in the gentle embrace of the calm and quiet around me. I am home.

I am inspired by the age and wisdom of a sturdy old tree; the stories it would tell.
I am comforted by the gentle give and support of the soil beneath me.
I am born of this earth; not of concrete and skyscrapers but
I am made of the lush green of a dense forest. I am home.

(photo borrowed from flickr – click image for source)