Accepting Help With Depression: How Your Loved Ones Can Help

Accepting Help With Depression: How Your Loved Ones Can Help
Mental illness isn’t really anything that someone — outside of a trained professional — can help with. Which makes it difficult when friends and loved ones offer their love, support, and say things like ‘If there’s anything I can do to help…” because realistically, what can they do? Well…while they may not be able to help with the illness, there are things your loved ones can do to help ease your stress and support you.

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An Open Letter to Canada’s Mental Health System – Guest Post!

Editor’s Note:

As more and more people and organizations speak out about mental illness, the more awareness is raised and these programs and systems will continue to improve. It is so scary and you feel so exposed and vulnerable when you “come out” as someone with a mental illness, but it’s important! It’s important so you can get the help you need, you can inspire others to seek help, and you can add to the larger voice demanding for more options and better protocols.

I was terrified the first time I wrote about raising awareness for NewLifeOutlook; it was going to be public, it was going to be on the internet, my face and my name would be associated with that and it can’t be tucked under the rug anymore from this point on. But you know what? The people that those articles help are why I do it. If I write 500 articles and they only ever help one other person, then they have helped one person. And for me, that’s worth it. For me, it’s worth sharing my story and my experience and being a light for those who need it.

Canada is one of the more progressive countries in so many ways, but why do we still suffer and have so much room to improve when it comes to mental health? I will continue to write, and continue to raise awareness and support those whom I can. Hopefully one day soon, the rest of the country and the rest of the world will be where we need it to be.

One of my dear friends over at The Wolf and The Wardrobe has agreed to write a guest post for me sharing some of her thoughts about Canada’s Mental Health System in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month! Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments!

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Kintsugi: The Art of Healing

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. There is no attempt to hide the damage but instead it is highlighted and made beautiful as it makes the object unique.

Kintsugi Pottery

I like to think that my brain and my veins are laced with gold.

Unique and beautiful because of the history, not despite it.

No judgement; just healing.

Kintsugi Woman


You Don’t Understand – But Neither Do I

I write for a depression community called NewLifeOutlook; using my experience with depression and anxiety to hopefully share some knowledge and light or hope to others who are suffering.

I’ve written articles such as:
The Importance of Talking About Depression
Combating Depression After Moving
Mental Illness in the Media
How to Help Someone With Depression

I really enjoy it! I had never considered myself much of a writer until taking on the project and it sparked a love affair for me. It showed me that despite how much I want to save the world, sometimes giving a single person hope can be just as powerful.

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