Wantable: Accessories Box Review

After seeing the Wantable review over at The Wolf and The Wardrobe and hearing her rave so much about how much she loves it, how could I not purchase my own?

What is Wantable?

Basically, it’s a subscription box. The fun part is that you get to choose a box from accessories, lingerie, cosmetics, sports apparel, or others. You could even choose more than one if your budget allows! I chose the accessories box because who doesn’t love jewelry?

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Product Review: SelectSpecs


For anyone who knows me or has seen photos of me, you know that my glasses are a statement piece in my wardrobe and I often receive comments and compliments about them. I adore the vintage style and (forgive me for sounding hipster ….) I bought my cat-eye glasses before they had been featured in Vogue and become a popular fashion statement.

I recently had the chance to purchase some new frames from SelectSpecs for a product review. I was skeptical that I would find frames that were to my liking but they had SO MANY to choose from! So many in fact, that I bought 2 pairs because I couldn’t decide. They have everything from standard wire frames, to bulkier frames, and vintage looks – there is definitely something for everyone because the options are endless! Not to mention how inexpensive they are – BONUS!

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