The Bullet Journal – New Project!

I’m always looking for a new way to be more organized. I’ve got 800 lists, a stack of sticky notes, a mountain of scrap paper, and probably about 30 notebooks all abandoned as attempts to keep track of my scattered thoughts and ideas. While my phone does a pretty good job of keeping track of the important things like birthday and appointments, I feel like the thoughts and moments of inspiration are lost in the chaos of flying papers and 60 notes in my iPhone.

I was scrolling through Pinterest a while ago trying to find ideas for “organizing tips for apartments” and came across The Bullet Journal. I’m still doing a bit of research to get a better understanding but it seems to be pretty life-changing for some people. What it is (as I understand it) is an organization system that uses a series of symbols (or bullet points) to track your days, weeks, months, to-do lists, thoughts, ideas, sketches, and essentially everything you can possibly “brain-dump” onto a journal page. You can customize it to work best for you but the developer, Ryder Carroll, has some pretty good tips for getting started over on the Bullet Journal website.


There are also hundreds of pins, boards, and comments on Pinterest as well for how to customize and manipulate the Bullet Journal into something that works best for you and your needs.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Not just to inspire you, but I’m planning on diving in to my own Bullet Journal. I’ll try to post again in a month to update you on my progress and how/if it’s helped at all. For now – here’s what I’ve done to get started.


  • I bought a notebook, yes another one, but I felt the start of a new project justified a brand new notebook. Plus I loved the grid lines that were used in the example. I may opt for another style when this book is complete but for now, this is what I’m going with.
  • I picked up some coloured pens/markers because I find colour coding things also helps me to be organized, plus I can then feed my slightly more creative streak into customizing it!
  • I did some more research via Pinterest, and watched and re-watched the Getting Started video to narrow down what things I wanted to include in my journal and which things I could probably leave out. For example I need to have a weekly task-list in addition to my daily list, but felt that monthly was too long. So I’ve made space for that within my own journal.
  • Dive in! No hesitation, no fear of the pretty, clean, blank page – just go! I’ll make mistakes and mis-spell things or accidentally scribble along the way but as long as it continues to function the way I need it to then my OCD will need to calm itself. It’s not always going to be perfect and crisp. That’s the beauty of a worn old notebook anyway!

I realize that I bought brand name products which can get pricey so if you’re on a budget there are a lot of options available! Some other suggestions I saw were to get some washi tape or stickers to customize it and add to it but that seemed to ‘crafty’ for me and I just wanted to get started.

Have you tried Bullet Journaling? How did it work for you? Any tips for a newbie?

Until next time!


How To: Clove Oranges

Oranges3It’s been a tradition in my family since I was young to make Clove Orange Pomanders at Christmas time to put on the radiator or heat vent to fill the house with the most delicious seasonal smells. Mixed with the Christmas tree it was the perfect Holiday scent!

Now that we’re just over a week away from Christmas I thought I’d share the idea with you for your own homes or office space. They’re fun and really easy to do so you can get the kids involved if you’d like! Continue reading